Friday, April 6, 2012


Emerging with ego, they live their lives
Fluttering colourful wings in pride-
overflowing with knowledge
Sparing precious time with technical jargons
Chasing them is a great journey
Mimicing them is stage-show
Abandoning them is God's will
But they constitute as worthless
scarecrow chap to damn society.


  1. onnum manassilayillenkilum kollaam... :)

  2. This one is so poor, u too do the same like old writers, not accepting the technology. As a modern and new age writer I expect a positive thinking and hopeful one frm u... As a techie and writer if u are not able to highlight the good things how other non techie writers will write. I do enjoy work(Tech) but at times tre is pressure too(Any real job is having pressure, even my friends who is wrkng in gvt offices have feel the same). Every job has its own pros n cons. Techies have lot of good things which u didn’t mention.... Just think about the good things... And this is only my opinion as u said yours... But u did a good attempt, and continue the same... All the best.... I am not writing to disappoint you just asking u to think from all the views...

  3. Kaat nte commentinodu njan yojikkunnu....!!!!!!!!!